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Frequently Asked Question

How much does a website cost?

This is an interesting question. What do you need exactly? Do you have content ready? Photos? Fix idea of how your site should look like? Do you need hosting? Will you update your website or do you want me to take care of that? Do you want me to optimise for search engines or you know how to do that? Do you want me to take care of your site security and monitor uptime? See my general price list for my services, I try to give all information about the costs of having a fully functioning website. The easiest if you get in touch and I can help to create a plan to get your business online.

How long it takes to get it ready?

If you have a fixed idea, what would you like on your website, it takes short time to configure the shell. Filling it up with good content takes much longer. I can help you get a good, clean structure which is user friendly and modern furthermore we can create such content which gets your site good ratings in Google and other search engines.

Why should I use your services

Does it ever happen to you when talking to tech people, that you just don't really understand what they mean? For me, it is very important to keep this business personal, react quickly for your requests, and make sure you always fully understand the process. Some tech people just like to show off being geeky. Furthermore, if you are interested, I can help you to learn how to maintain your website and content. I would like to provide a premium, personalised service.

How can I get my page ranking good?

It takes time to get a good position in Google. For immediate result, you can choose paid Google advertisement, until you work the page up in organic search. We offer Digital Marketing services to ensure you won't waste your time and money on advertisements which don't work.

Is it a one time cost to set up a website?

There is a one time cost to create a website, but you will need a server place to keep it online. Also, you will need a domain name, which is a recurring cost to keep it yours. You can also have some recurring cost of plugins (programs of WordPress) depending on your website type. I have different hosting packages which can include the server, updates, uptime monitoring and so on to ensure your page is always available to your clients

What is my role in website creation?

The website developer creates a shell with menu structure, pages with dummy texts so you can see how the site will look like, but the content is your responsibility. You know your trade much better than I do, you can better engage your clients and explain the advantages of your products and services. Then either you send me the content and I upload it, or you can do it yourself. If you need help with the content creation and optimisation for search engines, choose the premium package which includes them all.

But I have no idea how to make websites

Don't worry, that's why I am here for! Many companies spend thousands on a beautiful website, which does not serve its purpose after. I can help you how to write good content, what you should avoid and other tips and tricks. Divi visual builder is extremely user friendly, you can see immediately what you change, and easy to reverse if you like the previous version more. Of course, there is an option where I do it all for you.

On which platforms do you offer Digital Marketing services?

We mainly focus on the main platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Google, LinkedIn, Twitter. We can help you to set up a business account, do keyword research for you, set up campaigns to achieve the conversions. 

What about the proofread services?

We offer proofread services independently from web services. This service is paid by words. Available in English, Italian, Maltese and Hungarian. 

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